The Texas Longhorn breed of cattle has a history                                        of rangeland selection and survival.

 First and foremost, to get in calf and calve successfully in a low nutrition environment, shows the Texas Longhorn cow has excellent reproduction.    Texas Longhorn bulls reduce birthweight and stress on whatever breed you choose. Calving a low birthweight vigorous calf is ideal for first calving heifers of any breed, using a Texas Longhorn bull.

Various Texas Longhorn  bulls of recent times with wider horn, and from early days.

History of the Cattle

 " The Longhorn" has many contributors to its existence, not the least of which is the difficult environment it found itself in.           F Dobie.  'The Longhorns'.

What many know today as the " Texas Longhorn " bred in America has some definite known historical points of introduction primarily Spanish expeditions of Columbus in 1493 into the Caribbean, and other less known genetic influences.

There is also the  English Longhorn  which entered US in 1788 in Maryland.  (ref. V Porter)

Some believe that they contributed to the American Texas Longhorn.

Many books detailing the cattle development are available and links to experts about the breed from the past and present.